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5 Reasons for Responsible Responsive web design

Wayne McMaster

1 February 2013

By all accounts, 2013 will be about Responsive design, keeping up with technology and creating interactive, dynamic and engaging websites.

1. Brand positioning

Maintaining a creative, forward-thinking, innovative edge will probably be part of your luxury and premium brand positioning. As such, deploying the lastest technology will may well be expected, and to manage the expectations of your customers should be given serious consideration. A Responsive site will offer an elegant, future-proofed solution against the growing number and size of mobile devices. A Responsive website does offer a seamless user experience across all devices.

2. Users expect mobile-friendliness

According to Google, “67% of mobile users say that they’re more likely to buy a product or service from a mobile-friendly site, and 74% say they’re more likely to return to that site in the future.” You can see extract from their report here. It makes responsive the logical approach to take for improved SEO friendliness. 96% of smartphone users have encountered sites that weren’t designed for mobile devices.

3. Google has identified it as an SEO best practice

This is one not to be ignored.

4. With the growth in number of devices

At the core of Responsive design is user experience. Rather than scrambling to update sites to accommodate constant advancements in display and browsers, with such a changing technological landscape, Responsive design allows us to be responsible now for whatever is coming next.

5. Better user experience

Responsive design uses screen space efficiently and allows for a better user experience than a fixed width layout. Good Responsive design, in common with all good design, is invisible. When done well, it allows the user to focus on a site’s content and not on its layout or design.

At Zeke we are working with a number of clients on their Responsive websites and we launched our own Responsive in the summer of 2012. Are you contemplating a responsive website for 2013? What do you believe are the most significant pros and cons? Read our article before you consider a Responsive web design project in  Zeke Newsletter

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