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7 Tips for Repurposing high-end interior brand content

Wayne McMaster

25 March 2016

There are many ways that you can make your content work harder and go further, with little extra effort, just efficient repurposing through other platforms. This article shows you an number of ways that we at Zeke Creative extend the reach of our blog posts.

1. Blog Post filled e-Newsletter

To really get the most bang for your blog post, consider promoting your blog posts in a weekly or monthly e-newsletter. You (hopefully) already have a solid list of email subscribers; but even the most dedicated of fans won’t catch every post you write (especially if you’re posting multiple times a day/week/month). That’s where your e-newsletter comes in.

ZekeBits newsletter 

2. Visual Content becomes a Pinterest Board

Do you have some blog posts that are especially image heavy? Make the most of your picture posts by repurposing those images on Pinterest.
One example could be a post detailing types of layup options for veneering. Upload pins of the veneer pattern matching, or even create whole new board dedicated just to this centuries old skill. Those pins can drive referral traffic to your blog post, adding a new segment of traffic to your site.


3. Blog Post becomes a Facebook Image Post

Take a quote from an article and create a Facebook image post to re-promote the article.

Facebook post 

4. Ressurect an Old Blog Post with LinkedIn Published Post

A lot of marketers and professionals have been seeing great success with LinkedIn publishing. And for some, repurposing 'evergreen' content has been a practical choice for getting more visibility in the social network. You can summarize your blog post, highlight some points, and link back to the original article, or publish the whole.

LinkedIn post

5. Ampliefied message through twitter

Using the lead image to help promote an article on your site though twitter, while combing the short code links of


6. Short code those Repurposed Blog Links

Use short code to help fit long titles and links into tweets and other social media platforms. Use or to make your long weblink more manageable.

7. Schedule those Repurposed Posts

Use automated software like to help push out past blog posts throughout the day, especially those evergreen posts from old, since this will allow you to be making multiple posts through-out the day, outside of the usual times that you may be checking your social media accounts.



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