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Best Responsive Flat designed websites for High-End Interior Brands

Wayne McMaster

24 April 2014

When Windows 8 'Metro interface' came along, everyone (including Apple) sat up and took notice. The revolutionary tile interface of Windows 8 set it apart from any other operating systems at that time and it started a trend.

Flat vs Skeuomorphisim

Up until that point Apple's operating system and visual style had been very realistic. The trouble with realism or 'skeuomorphisim' as it is correctly called, is that this realism requires images and graphics that deliver the realism at the cost of extra file sizes – all this adds time to the downloads across browsers. Today with the growth in mobile the shift to lighter sites is here to stay and reducing the 'weight' of a site plays in to the hands of flat design.

Flat Design

Flat design brings to the fore the practice of removing dimensional realism from visual elements. No drop shadows, leather textures, shiny surfaces or notepad backgrounds.

Flat design is strongly related to flat colour and typography, with grids that easily translate into a fully responsive site – from desktop to mobile. With the control that we have with CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, creating beautiful looking websites that easily scale to fit multiple devices is much easier than it has been in the past.

Here are 10 Great Flat-designed Responsive websites from the world of High-End Interior Brands


Daniel Hopwood



Paul Latham Design 



MYB Textiles






Shona Marsh



Bethan Gray



Modus Furniture





Bert Frank


Tom Kirk


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