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Brand consistency for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

23 October 2014

One of the challenges high-end interiors brands face when emersed in social media is consistency.

In research we undertook recently we found that just 22% firms were extremely consistent visually across all their media channels with the Top 100. This level of consistency proves harder the more social media platforms are deployed.

However the were some good examples we came across including:



Parker and Farr

Parker and Farr

Harlequin London

Harlequin London

The consistency of visual and verbal elements associated with a business is absolutely essential to a strong brand, in itself it is also the brand promise the company's are always delivering on, it’s part of the identity, so it has to be clear what the brand is all about. Visual vocabulary includes individual elements such as graphics, imagery, colour palette and typeface. The way these elements come together uniquely define the brand. The voice of the organization, through writing, blogging and other communications and the tone those words convey, highlights differentiation and helps to strengthen brand presence in the marketplace.

Brand consistency delivers some very important
business benefits:

  • Helps to differentiate your business
  • Positions your brand correctly
  • Drives customer loyalty
  • Reinforces key messages
  • Provides your business personality
  • Drives clarity and purpose in the marketplace
  • Improves user experience

The claims in favour of brand consistency also go beyond simple aesthetics and common sense. How is it so few high-end brands are successful in the area?

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