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Building brand strength for High-End Interior Brands

Wayne McMaster

2 May 2014

There are two key drivers to building brand strength, they are creating a distinct brand identity and developing a unique brand personality. Unfortunately, semantics quite often gets in the way of understanding how these two factors can influence brand strategy.

More than a logo

Brand identity is often used in a limited, graphic-centric manner, or used interchangeably with brand image. All too often, identity is seen as just graphics, logos, colours and symbols that generally make up corporate identity. Those elements are the appearance but not the substance of the brand.

Brand identity is a richer, more substantial concept to embrace than image alone. The two concepts are quite different. There is a simple way to sum up and understand the essence of the two terms: IMAGE is HOW the marketplace PERCEIVES you; IDENTITY is WHO you are. Brand image is not to be diminished at all. It is after all is said and down, how a company is perceived.

But don't make the mistake of thinking your brand image is your identity.

The brand triangle

Brand identity = How we want the brand to perceived or needed to be perceived as part of the business strategy.

Brand Positioning = The part of the brand identity and value proposition to be actively communicated to select target segments.

Brand Image = How the brand is currently being perceived in the market place, this is usually confirmed by market research

Most desirable

Once a full understanding of what's in your customers minds is developed, its easy to examine what has worked in the past and how to differentiate your brand and position it to target your most desired customer.



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