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Content Marketing for luxury brands with Instagram

Wayne McMaster

8 June 2016

Of the top ten pages receiving inbound traffic to our website 7 pages are content-led, to our blog, which features a mix of blogs, infographics and curated videos, our homepage only comes in third place.

This trend in digital marketing for content marketing is seen in a recent survey which found that 29.6% (the leading metric by far) of those surveyed by Chartered Institute of Marketing with Smart Insights felt that content marketing was the most commercially important marketing tool, second came big data 14.6% closely followed by Marketing Automation. (See the full results and comment at:


A growing trend

Our own recent annual surveys into the exhibitors at Decorex have clearly been showing the dominance (for now) of luxury interior brands using facebook, youtube and twitter. But there has been a growing interest in the late starter that is Instagram. In mid 2016 we saw Instagram pass 500,000,000 users and now this channel is considered the fastest growing social media platform. Our visually rich sector that is luxury and high-end interior, design and lifestyle brands would do well to heed its rise in popularity and recognise its potential and appropriateness to engage and tell compelling stories through this medium.

Never too old to try

As online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service Instagram enables you to take pictures and videos. While many think about sites like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to connecting with fans and engaging with customers online, its worth noting that Instagram has some of the most active and engaged users. Those savvy enough to recognise that engaging with today's, socially and upwardly mobile generation will help to future-proof their businesses, and its worth noting that this is not just the pursuit of young business start-ups -there are many examples of traditional, long-established businesses that have made the  deliberate move to engage online such as Wedgwood (founded 1759) @wedgwooduk, Twinings (founded 1706) @twiningsteauk and RollsRoyce (founded 1906) @rollsroycecars, aside from all the luxury fashion brands we could mention including the standout digital leader that is Burberry.

A timely story

Its worth sharing just how Instagram has changed the way some industries now sell, for example: Anish Bhatt, who runs the Instagram account @watchanish, is telling me about one of his recent posts. "I was in Qatar and I posted a pocket watch from a brand called Bovet. It was worth $360,000 [£233,000]. The next day someone from the Qatari royal family came to the watch exhibition where I had taken the picture and purchased it." He spells this out, lest the point be lost. "They went there with their phone, and my Instagram picture, and said, 'I want to buy this. Do you have it?' And they said, 'Yes, we do.' And they purchased it there and then."
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A timely story 

Lead image credit: Stuart Scott Furniture

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