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Elephant and Luxury brand workshops

Wayne McMaster

17 January 2013

The story of the blind men and the Elephant offers us a beautful example of the importance of perspective in how people perceive things and how differences in perspective can make it difficult for people to communicate.

A group of blind men are trying to describe an Elephant by touch alone; being a large beast, each man can only touch a small part of the Elephant. One touches the tusk and concludes his creature is as sharp and deadly as a spear. Another touches the tail and percieves, "…why, this is nothing more than a piece of old rope. A third feels only its leg and believes it is like a pillar. Another its trunk amd concludes, "…an elephant is like a giant snake."

We can readily see the faulty thinking behind the blind men's arguments. But they still needed some help understanding that even when presented with a real elephant, each man could "see" only what he already believed to be true.This retelling of a traditional story from India illustrates how different people can have distinctly different perceptions of the same thing.

Helping teams within a company in the luxury home interest market to develop perspective awareness and ultimately arrive at a harmonious conclusion can only be achieved when all the decision-makers and stakeholders have been involved in the process of change together. Hearing each others views and positions, when attempting to adopt new ideas can be a challenging process. We find, and take great comfort, in the value of our branding workshops, that are structured to suit individual needs, in arriving at a shared positioning together, since the process is open, supportive and collaborative.


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