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High-end B2B use Brand as Business Asset

Wayne McMaster

30 December 2014

In any high-end interiors company your brand is a vital business asset. It’s the basis of relationships, a decision making tool and a magnet for recruits and customers alike.

Business asset

The key to unlocking its real value lies in knowing what your brand stands for and taking that idea to the heart of your business. We all know outstanding brands attract customers, staff and investors. That’s why goodwill and other intangibles account for the lion’s share of successful businesses’ market capitalisation.

High-end interior product brands can rely on advertising, pr, packaging and image to accrue perceived value. But high-end interior service businesses build their brands more organically – through actions, reputation and first-hand experiences via many interactions. They have multi-faceted internal and external stakeholders, all of whom experience the brand’s promise differently. Relationships between the stakeholders like: buyers and sellers, partners and suppliers are led and followed by brand reputation. So trust, relevance and distinctiveness are pre-requisites and the basis of choice. Your brand, therefore, pins all your many interactions together and is the basis of relationships, the cypher for decision-making and customer promises.

A clear purpose

What difference wlll being brand-centred make to your business? Defining your brand (such as where does your company’s passion lie? what are your greatest strengths, and what do you have to offer?) is an absolutely fundamental step to building a successful and sustainable enterprise. It’s the basis of becoming purpose driven and the starting point to unlocking your potential.

Acts as a guide

A clear, distinctive articulation of your business’s purpose, will give you a vital business tool. Acting as a guide to identify, choose and exploit the right opportunities for your business – those that support your central purpose.

Enables communication

A defined brand and messaging empowers everyone to communicate openly and with confidence about your business. Enabling all your people to have a consistent voice and story is more essential than ever in this age of transparency, agility and becoming a more “social business”.

Attracts and motivates

Distinctiveness will transform you into a recruitment magnet for the right sort of people - who fit in culturally and want to drive your business forward. Plus, people motivated by a purpose and passion will go that extra mile.

Encourages new business

With a clear purpose, motivated workforce and a simple, consistent message to convey, your brand can encourage advocacy and referral. Not only through your own people, but among your partners, suppliers and customers – the ultimate goal for building business.

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