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LinkedIn blueprint for Interior businesses

Wayne McMaster

7 June 2013

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. Every second, two people join the network of over 160 million users in over 200 countries and territories.

Marketing strategist, entrepreneur and educator, Gerry Moran of, has created a great infographic, “How To Build The Perfect LinkedIn Profile.” It illustrates how to create an appealing profile that will reach more people and provide new business opportunities for your premium home-interest brand:

With thanks to @GerryMoran at

From the Profile page the next area to consder is LinkedIn Company Page which has six key sections:

  1. Overview – Provides an opportunity to make a good first impression, and can answer questions about why someone should do business with you, what your company has accomplished, why it is different. It also includes an Overview tab for company updates, job postings and new hires.
  2. Careers – If recruiting top talent is a priority for your business, this page is crucial (it does require a paid subscription). Not only can you reach the millions of LinkedIn users, you also have the ability to see who has viewed your job and how closely they match your job requirements.
  3. Products – If you’ve ever been asked “what exactly do you do?” – here’s your opportunity to get ahead of that question. In this section, you can also post recommendations and drive traffic back to specific sections of your website.
  4. Follower Insights – Includes analytics like demographics, industry, region, company size, and more.
  5. Page Insights – Provides detail on who is visiting which sections, and how one page’s visitors differ from another.
  6. Employee Insights – Provides information on your employees, such as new titles, who has departed, where your employees previously worked, what skills your employees have and who has been recommended the most.

More tips can be found on the LinkedIn blog pages on Getting the most out of your Company Pages

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