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Luxury & Craftmanship Videos Pt IV

Wayne McMaster

26 February 2014

Commissioning filmwork to capture the essence of their process and values provides a powerful way to engage with current and potential customers; communicating their story through moving image accompanied by an evocative musical score. Below we present our fourth listing of videos by premium lifestyle brands, which use values of craftsmanship–one of the values of luxury, to help tell their brand story.

Paper Planes & Balloons

Hansons of London

This is a beautiful approach to create something more than a dry 'behind the shows' with what goes into making one of Hansons' bags so they came up with the idea of telling a little story about an order that flies in on a paper plane and is shipped out with the help of a big green balloon.

Hanson Of London
from Robert Francis Müller on Vimeo.

The Art of Craft

Caroline Groves Bespoke Shoes

Stopframe animation highlighting the amazing craft of shoemaking.

'The Art of Craft' - Film for Caroline Groves Bespoke Shoes
from dan lowe on Vimeo.

Die Stamping

Perrott Bespoke Printing

A short documentary filmed at Perrott Bespoke Printing. A family run traditional printers, spanning four generations. Stephen’s obvious love of his craft has been beautifully captured in a short documentary film Print: Four Generations of Die Stamping, made by the team of Guy Gotto (photography) and Greg Niemand (sound design), scored by Evan Gilderlseeve and with graphic design by Catherine Perrott, who is Stephen’s daughter. Catherine, an award-winner in her own field, is currently learning the trade and will become the fourth generation to join the family business. It’s heartening to know that a wonderful but increasingly rare skill is being kept alive, surviving and indeed thriving, defiant in the face of the digital revolution.

from Greg Niemand on Vimeo.


Luxury Wooden Boat builder

The art of creation in wood is a very complex but beautiful dance between object and craft. With finesse and knowhow, Poncelet makes an art of woodcrafting.

Poncelet / Teaser
from Lapino Albino on Vimeo.

Arrival of Spring

Peter Layton and London Glassblowing

Established by Peter Layton in 1976, London Glassblowing was among the first hot-glass studios in Europe. The process is so beautiful and the products achieve colors that painting never could. 'They are like liquid sculptural paintings.' We have visited the studios recently when we used the process of glass blowing to illustrate the similarities with the bespoke nature of financial advisors, Bourlet Consulting. Certainly the most robust choice of soundtracks, but always fascinating to watch. Read our other blog article 'Understanding the Halo Effect' to see the reasons why we aligned Peter Layton with Bourlet

Blog image and video courtesy of
London GlassBlowing

London Glassblowing have been prolific in their video documentaries, when a spare moment grabs you follow their glassblowing journey with collaborators and artists over the 30+ video collection on Youtube.

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