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Sell your ideas or your story, but not your product

Wayne McMaster

5 December 2013

I don’t want to buy the product you’re selling.  I want to buy the life you’re giving. I want to be able to connect with your dream, your 'why'. I want to share in your passion and your pursuit. Demonstrate the experience we are going to have together. And then, I'll buy what you are offering.


Connect me into something that’s bigger than your product. Make me feel part of something beyond, what’s going to adorn my home, however beautiful or functional. A simple idea. A big idea. But how to do that? Give me an experience. Provide me with an experience that emulates just how good my life will be, if I pick you. Tell me a story I can share over the dinner table. A memory so, just before I die, you make the final cut in ‘the best of’ flash backs. Get me here. And I’m sold.

So who does just that? Well for us, it’s got to be Huit Denim in Cardigan, Wales. Their story: A town that stopped making jeans after 30 years. Then one day started making them again.

Huit Denim

David Hieatt is the Founder of Hiut Denim Co, a premium Denim label based in Cardigan, North Wales. Cardigan was home to the largest surviving  jeans factory in Britain. Four hundred employees used to make 35,000 pairs of jeans a week over three decades of production. Then one day, due to an outsourcing of the manufacturing to Morocco, the factory inevitably closed.

But all that skill and knowhow remained in the workers, without any way of showing the world what they could do. That was when David started Hiut Denim with his wife Claire as part of an effort to bring British Denim manufacturing back home, utilising  the skills that were on his doorstep. And to breathe new life into the town. The results have been a reinvigorated workforce working with some of the best materials  (customers can choose from  12oz Turkish organic, or 14oz selvedge from Japan’s esteemed Kuroki Denim mill) and producing some of the finest jeans in Britain. Making 100 pairs a week they strive to make the best jeans they can not the most jeans they can...

Images: Huit Denim | Source:

Do Lectures

David is also the Co-Founder of the  Do Lectures ( an annual (now biannual) event in the nearby countryside (and now California too)  featuring talks, music and workshops with leading thinkers and doers: like a more friendly, down to earth version of  TED, but in rural Wales.

The idea is a simple one, they invite inspiring people to come and speak about what they Do, to tell their story, to share their ideas. Big, small or extraordinary Do’s, their stories light a fire in your belly, so you go out and follow your Do. If we act on it, the Do Lectures will change our lives.

To that end one of our good friends Neil Denny was asked to contribute to the Do Lectures, listen to his talk, then go DO.

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