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The art of a good show stand at Decorex

Wayne McMaster

27 September 2016

We've all heard and grown up with the phrase 'less is more', that simplicity and clarity can lead to good design; it is exemplified in some of the exhibitors' show stands at Decorex this year.

There is a tendency when exhibiting to wish to share with potential customers and show attendees, the breadth of your product offer, the variety you carry. But when we consider the 'visual noise' that this strategy creates, we see how cluttered a 2m x 3m stand can become—how difficult it can be to take and share a brilliant image for twitter or instagram.

It pays to consider how your show stand is viewed and consumed from the perspective of the social channels instead, after all, the reach that some instagrammers have will far surpass the footfall via your stand. If there isn't the considered composition, or the photogenic cluster of objects that help to tell a story or communicate a theme, then you make life harder for us all.

We mustn't forget the attention to detail and effort that goes into crafting our product, the same care and attention should be lavished on the display, putting exhibition stand design into the realms of an artform—considering all angles, framing devices, symmetry, space, contrasting textures, the play of light and focus.

And let's not forget aside from our distinctive product, our corporate identity, the mark that gives us instance recognition, its production and choice of materials, how well framed and involved in these social media 'shots' will our identity be?

For us there were a few stand out contenders to help support our case for the considered stand. Stands that are so photogenic, anyone with a camera in their phone could muster a gem for their instagram account.

BertFrank instagram by Decca

BertFrank instagram by Decorex

BertFrank instagram

Dare Studio

Pinch Design by Zeke on twitter


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