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Top 10 ways to delight your high-end interior customers

Wayne McMaster

14 February 2017

If you understand part of your guiding purpose now to be about creating delight in your customers, then here's a top ten of ways to bring this strategy into action:

  1. Listen to your employees 
    If you want your employees to take good care of your customers, start by taking good care of your employees. Treating them respectfully and fairly goes without saying. But go a step further, and get personally involved in tackling their issues and needs 
  2. Hire for attitude, not aptitude
    If you want friendly service, hire friendly people. Put another way, you can train for skill, but you can’t train for attitude. Having hired people with the right attitudes, you can then ensure you reinforce the behaviours you want to see.
  3. Common purpose
    A succinct explanation of the customer experience you are trying to create at an emotional level – motivates employees and gives their work meaning. They choose to go that extra mile through personal passion, not passive compliance.
  4. Create memorable moments
    How your customers evaluate their experience will be based on how they remember it. Negative experiences are remembered more readily so ensure positive experiences outnumber and outweigh them, so make sure you've added heavily to the positive.
  5. Give them space
    Have you ever received too many emails from a company? It can be extremely frustrating and harmful to a business-customer relationship. Even for companies with the best intentions in mind, remember that sometimes it's best to step back and give customers space.
  6. Have policies, but be flexible
    With customer service, not every situation is black and white. We have policies for how we deal with certain customer issues, but the truth is, every situation is a little different and it should be treated as such. Always be open to flexibility in order to please a customer.
  7. Be Timely
    In today's world, speed is essential. If your interiors company delays in responding to customers, you're missing a huge opportunity to capture valuable insights and feedback. Don't give your competitors an opportunity to serve your customer better and faster than you can.
  8. Be enthusiastic, engaging and passionate
    Make sure that in every interaction with potential and current customers, your company’s voice is enthusiastic, fun, and welcoming. Precisely what ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘passionate’ mean for your organisation depends on your particular business and industry, but the take-home message is this: if you want to create a customer experience that truly delights, don’t just provide information, instead provide a real, warm, personalised, human interaction that respects your customers time and leaves them happy, satisfied, and educated.
  9. Be helpful
    Solving your customers’ problems is great in the short term, but what will happen next time they encounter a similar problem or are looking to accomplish a related goal? Going beyond just solving peoples’ problem and handing over information helps them deal with similar challenges down the road.
  10. Keep it simple
    Customers don’t like to have to work hard to make a purchase. Offer the least resistance through good, simple design and you’ll have the highest chance of gaining customers.

The future of your business relies on how well you can inspire your employees, delight your current and future customers. 
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