Socially Responsible

Business Social Responsibility

BSR is not the panacea to the world’s problems, but it certainly does start to move the business community towards a better way of doing business that's much closer to one we would like to conduct business within. 

Business against Poverty

As such we have been involved in supporting Business against Poverty since it was just an idea. Business against Poverty is an accredited membership community that takes action to reduce International and UK poverty through their charity People against Poverty focusing on projects within Romania, Haiti and Nepal.

The community of business people we are part of all care about the issues of poverty and ethical standards and are we all taking action within the community. The accreditation differentiates us from our competitors; it says something significant about us and our business. We also adhere to their code of ethics.

Business against Poverty focus on communities, both those where their projects are based, in Romania, Haiti and Nepal, but also in the UK. The charity works with project partners to provide food, shelter, clothing, education and legal aid to communities in extreme poverty. Projects include child sponsorship, a canteen, building of houses, assistance with legal papers and access to schooling.

We are proud to support them with a Director on the Board of Trustees and child sponsorship.